The Black Car

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 The Black Guerrilla Family

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PostSubject: The Black Guerrilla Family   Sun Oct 23, 2016 10:32 am

''If I should ever break my stride, or falter at my comrade's side, this oath will kill me
If my word should ever prove untrue, should I betray the chosen few, this oath will kill me
If I submit to greed or lust or misuse the people's trust, this oath will kill me
Should I be slow to take a stand or show fear of an man, this oath will kill me
If I grow lax in discipline, in time of strife refuse my hand, this oath will kill me
Long live the spirit of George Jackson, long live the spirit of the Black Guerrilla Family''

- The Black Family Oath

This is the oath that every Comrade has to take upon being put on. Before you read the following articles, take note! that we're roleplay a modern BGF where all the mandatory rules may not apply. We're at a stage, when everybody is just spread around without knowing what we do, even myself and the rest of the BGF members still do not possess the needed IC knowledge.

I will post a few articles within this section regarding the The Black Family, I advise everyone to at least go through several of them to get the minimum knowledge of what we're all about. There is also loads of knowledge on our main post on LSRP forums, thanks to Thomas_Kruger.
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The Black Guerrilla Family
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