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 Hiding Contraband in Prison

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PostSubject: Hiding Contraband in Prison   Sun Oct 23, 2016 10:28 am

Skates wrote:
Recently I have been noticing people's confusion when it comes to contraband screenshots. But as a disclaimer before I begin; contraband screenshot requirements are subjective to the person you are role playing with, and I want to stress the fact that there is no official rule stating that there are any requirements at all, or even the existence of the system we use. The entire role play of hiding contraband and using screenshots to prove that you have done so is a RP agreement between both parties involved, like NPCing a certain role such as a coroners unit or store clerk.

The below are a list of categories that you can follow in order to ensure that your screenshots will not be questioned and in the worst of cases, have your contraband confiscated.

Quote :

  • Time - use /servertime in order to display when you hid the contraband (A second point, contraband screenshots are valid for up to a week. Now this is not an official rule but usually a rule of thumb used by correctional officers)
  • How much and of what - use /mydrugs in your screenshot in order to display how much and of what you are hiding
  • Where - Use realistic and appropriate hiding spots, I've once seen screenshots of someone hiding heroin in the commissary.(Examples would be, inside of commissary items (pill bottles, drinks, etc) or out in the yard by burying them.
  • How - Use /me in order to clearly and concisely convey where your character is hiding their contraband and how they are doing it.

Once again, I stress that there is no written rule saying a correction officer has to role play that you've hidden your contraband. However, it is commonly known that correction officers are willing to role play if you have credible proof. The above points will help you, the inmate, hide your contraband in a way that cannot be questioned.
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Hiding Contraband in Prison
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